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industrial design

We consider ourselves an extension of our clients’ organizations, as we combine creativity with technique together with them. Provide customized solutions with proposals that add value to a differentiated offer with originality and personality compared to those of the competition. Always under the protection of common sense and the context offered by the existing market looking to the future.

We work on industrial design in the areas of: Furniture, accessories, lighting, sanitary ware, etc; Intended for both the “Habitat” and “Contract” sectors.
Our work philosophy starts from a previous analysis of the current catalog, in order to determine the needs of each client and design based on what was previously concluded, with a proposal that respects the context of the brand and emphasizes its own identity.

We like challenges, we prefer to synthesize to simplify, as a good wise man said “let’s experience complexity as wealth and not as problem” this is our greatest creed.

Design areas

We firmly believe in advances in technology as tools that facilitate our day-to-day life and that of society. Within the framework of product design, oriented towards innovation in a constantly changing sector, we offer: design conceptualization, product development and design communication.

Within this scope, we focus our designs on consumer products, household appliances, electronic and digital products. The path of innovation is essential to arrive at solutions that satisfy users and therefore evolve by creating value proposals that respond to the needs of a society in constant evolution.

"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have told me a faster horse", Henry Ford


The communication of the product is the image that represents and characterizes it, it is the aesthetics, its functionality and also its origin.

The public must understand the message of the product, about its possible uses, finishes, colors, materials, spaces in which they are located ... The art direction translates into a planning that gives a graphic and immediate vision through a prepared and meticulous presentation.

As designers and developers of the product, we understand which are those scenes that will shed light on the public's concerns and doubts about it, and consequently we generate them with great care to orient the product towards the emotional geography of the viewer and thus develop a desire that link.